Books for Mirandola

After an earthquake hit Mirandola and surrounding villages (Italy) in 2012, local groups started asking for support to cover the population’s needs. One of such groups, Associazione Tutti a Bordo! decided to open a mobile library inside one of the camps to help children copy with the situation.

Reaching out to several libraries and individuals, Plain Ink organized a book drive and managed to collect 669 books – many of which bilingual – stationery and coloring books, then delivered directly to the association and to the “Piedmont 2 Camp” in Mirandola.

The libraries that contributed books toward the project include:

  • Burago Molgora
  • Basiano e Masate
  • Busnago
  • Concorezzo
  • Gorgnzola
  • Grezzago
  • Mezzago