Memory Cards Game

Games have a long history and tradition in a country like India, where Pachisi – the national board game – is first mentioned in the epic book of Mahabharata, written around 500 BC. Today, not only do games entertain and provide a favourite pastime for children and adult alike, they are also credited with the power to engage and even teach.

With this in mind, Plain Ink has developed a card game to teach social innovation, civic engagement and participation.

The card game, which functions as a memory card game requiring players to match a problem with its solution, specifically aims at:

  • Teaching basic notions of issues related to local development, like public health, food security, income generation, financial literacy, clean water access creation and others linked to the Millennium Development Goals;
  • Involving children in understanding their local context better, helping them identifying issues and come up with creative ways to tackle them;
  • Encouraging children to translate their knowledge into simple actions that can effectively improve various aspects of the village life.

The first 200 card decks were locally printed and distributed in Jalilpur in November 2012.