At Plain Ink we want to fuel a better story.

Working at the place where education, inspiration and action meet, we ignite imaginations to create a new narrative for the world;
one in which we all have a chance to thrive, wherever we are.

Compelled by the transformative potential of storytelling, we harness the power of books, multi-media and imagery to spark change.

Through the stories that we tell, we help people gain new skills, increase literacy levels and engage communities around the world in finding their own solutions.

At Plain Ink we are plotting a way out of poverty. Whether in India, Afghanistan or Italy we want education to lead the way in helping people
to fill their bellies with the food they need, their minds with innovative ideas for action and their hearts with the courage to believe in change.

In our book, we want a happy ending. At Plain Ink, we believe our stories will help to take us there.