Storytelling for primary school teachers

The work of the Qessa Academy did not stop with classes at our school, but comprised another initiative that helped us reach a greater number of people.

Qessa began thinking about training teachers in 2013, when officers from the French Embassy attended our first diploma ceremony. Staff from the ALEM Project – an education project run by the French Embassy and involving tackling several education-related challenges at the French schools in Kabul, Esteqlal (for boys) and Malalai (for girls) – then approached Qessa to discuss teacher training at the French schools

Support from the Linda Norgrove Foundation, allowed us to plan and deliver the training in the month of August 2014, when Qessa teachers conducted a month worth of workshops on traditional storytelling and how to leverage stories to support literacy activities in  class.

The training involved 42 primary school teachers, both men and women, from the first 3 grades.

For this specific training, Qessa produced an activity booklet on the story “The parrot and the merchant“, a story by Rumi, and distributed it to all those in attendance.