23 December 2017

Thank you!

2017 is coming to an end at we, at Plain Ink, are very proud of the 15 students – all girls! – that completed their studies at the Qessa Academy and received a diploma these days.

Our girls have gone thorough their studies with determination, hard work and passion, learning the skills of the storytellers of the past to speak about current themes such as public health. food security and human rights in Islam. They will now embark on two-month internships at Afghan media outlets (tv and radio) and foundations.

Earlier this year, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to help our girls reach their full potential through education, helping create opportunities in such a difficult moment for many Afghan young people. Your generosity did the rest.

As we wait for the new year – an a new cycle at Qessa – to begin, we wish you all the best in this special time of the year.

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