The teacher of Kabul

“There was and there wasn’t” (this is show stories start, according to Afghan tradition) an Italian girl that wanted to change the world. A fairytale? Yes, but not too much. Because Selene Biffi knows how to change the world, one idea at a time. When she gets back to Afghanistan in 2013, she has clear plans and a lot of courage.

Selene has a weird job: she starts social enterprises, companies with a mission. And she intends to open a school in Kabul. Afghanistan is a place with an illiteracy rate of about 80%; a country where teachings and culture are often handed down from one generation to the next through oral stories. A country devastated by war, looking for a new identity that, maybe, can be rebuilt from its roots. So – wonders Selene – why not start with oral tradition, teaching young people “how to tell stories”?

“The teacher of Kabul” is a story of determination and courage, humaneness and passion, a story which shows the better side of international cooperation: that made of people who believe, who risk their lives and who are convinced that the world could be changed by simply starting doing it.

The books tell the story of The Qessa Academy  – the school for storytellers that Plain Ink opened in Kabul – and the young people who attend it.


Selene Biffi with Carlo Annese
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