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Bright, engaging and captivating, our comics and books are richly illustrated and tell original stories written to spark curiosity and learning.

In Italy Plain Ink’s books aim to create a bridge between different cultures by promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding, respect and integration. Available in bilingual versions, they include educational games and activities to entertain, inspire and inform young readers.

Our comics teach instead public health notions to children living in slums and rural villages in India, encouraging them to improve their surrounding through hands-on, funny activities.

Our books and comics see the participation of professionals and local experts.


Plain Ink believes that education is a human right and, as such, it should be available to everyone.

Education is also a fundamental prerequisite to effect change locally.This is why we provide children, young people and communities with tools that are context-relevant and workshops on intercultural understanding, public health, food security, human rights, technology and social entrepreneurship.


Stories are a common way to inform, inspire and connect across all cultures but can also become a privileged tool for teaching, in places such as Afghanistan.

With this clear in mind, Plain Ink has opened a vocational school in Kabul that trains unemployed young people in the art of storytelling, teaching them to create stories to pass on vital information on public health, natural disasters mitigation, the environment and food security.

The stories they create reach children and communities through public performances and radio programs