Readings, workshops and activities for children and young people.



Plain Ink has been working with schools, libraries and children’s centers since inception, offering public readings and hands-on workshops on topics such as:

  • Intercultural understanding
  • Civil and human rights
  • Creative writing
  • Theatre

Our workshops present engaging activities that stimulate children’s curiosity and learning through games, the arts and direct participation, with a focus on children aged 6-10.



Plain Ink strongly believes that young people have the chance to effect change, if provided with the right tools and encouragement.
This is why we regularly organize courses and practical workshops at schools, universities, incubators ad chambers of commerce.
Our courses offer theory, practical exercises, case studies and group activities on themes such as:

  • Business models and tools for social enterprises
  • Communication
  • How to build a startup
  • Non-profit organizations management
  • Social Innovation
  • Tech for good and the social sector

Our courses are hosted by our staff and professionals with considerable experience in the areas above.

 Get in touch to host a course, workshop or public reading at a venue near you.